Centralised, Self-Managed Content

Rougeo keeps all of your trails, images, audio and text together in one place. From there, you can publish to the App, web or PDF’s, creating a wide range of engaging media for your visitors.

Most importantly, you’re in control. You can add, update or remove content and make it available to your visitors at any time. Create seasonal walks, promote special events or highlight changing features - it's all in your hands.

Quick, Reliable & Cost Effective

Rougeo provides a ready-built, fully functioning platform for Apple and Android devices on which to add your content.

This allows you to get your App up and running quickly and easily and takes away the common worries with built-from-scratch developments that costs will increase, timescales will extend and the finished product doesn't meet expectations.

Offline Functionality

Rouego Apps are designed to work, in full, without any connection to mobile networks or WiFi. Once downloaded, content is stored within the App and delivered to your visitors at precisely the right time using their location and GPS triggers.


Rougeo has been developed from the outset to support multi-lingual content. Our apps are also multi-lingual, all menus and user interactions are delivered in the language that has been selected. Rougeo's clever recognition software will display the finished app in the language of the users phone, where that language is populated in the CMS.

Having your content online makes it easier to work with translators who can be given secure access to your information and create and publish content within the Rougeo system.

iBeacon Technology

When you need to guide your audience in spaces or buildings where GPS cannot be relied upon, Rougeo provides simple but effective support for iBeacon technology.

In a museum or gallery, a castle or exhibition, Rougeo Apps will continue to provide your users with all GPS supported functions, delivering relevant content as they move through your space.