Whatever your landscape, attraction or location - indoor or outdoor - running, walking, cycling, horse riding or railway journeys, Rougeo enables you to author and publish routes, trails and paths combined with mapping, images, audio, interactive media and other content.

Use the Rougeo platform to create your Apps quickly and cost effectively, avoiding the uncertainties that come with built-from-scratch apps.

Rougeo Events

Our flexible Events platform enables you to build a single App that provides a wide range of practical information for your visitors. Map out the site, create a schedule for the overall event or for each venue, provide details of exhibitors, speakers or bands, signpost features or facilities and promote selected business or activities.

The platform is suitable for a large and small events including music festivals, food festivals, fetes and country shows.

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Analytic Stick

Analytic Stick is an intelligent people counting solution that enables our clients to understand more about who has visited, when they visited, were they in a group? Did they bring children? Were they on bicycles?

Unlike traditional methods of people counting, Rougeo works with images, providing detailed, yet anonymised data on activity at a location, delivering new insights into your visitors.

Auddeo by Rougeo

Our innovative new tool for translators, tour guides, meetings and conferences allows you to connect multiple Android phones and broadcast audio without the need for a mobile or WiFi network.

Speaking into their phone, the translator or presenter can be clearly heard by up to 10 App users without additional equipment or up to 250 users if the Chatterbox is utilised. The Chatterbox can (if a connection is available) webcast the translated audio via client website or other digital media broadcast site.

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