The smartphone solution for tour guides, translators and interpreters…

Auddeo is a new App that transfers Android smartphones into simultaneous translation devices, ideally suited to guided tours, lectures and meetings.

Traditional translation equipment is expensive and complex to use, particularly for small groups or where people move from indoor to outdoor spaces.  Auddeo revolutionises all that – it provides digital quality audio from a guide, translator’s or interpreter’s smartphone, direct to listeners on their smartphone.

  • Avoid the cost of hiring or purchasing expensive equipment
  • No need to access WiFi or mobile networks
  • Simple and fast to set up and use, anywhere at anytime
  • Uses widely available smartphones
  • Range of up to 50 metres outdoors
  • Highly cost effective

How does it work?

The guide or translator, using the Auddeo Translator App, creates an event name and pin code for their broadcast.  Users simply download the Auddeo Listener App and connect to the Auddeo network created by the translator, without the need for WiFi or phone networks.  For groups of more than 10 listeners, a small and inexpensive Auddeo Chatterbox is required.

Your brand

The App can be branded for your organisation to enhance your identity.  This makes it easy for your listeners to identify when they download it from an app store.

Here to help

Geosho can help by providing a preinstalled sim free hardware solution for meetings, tours or lectures.  Contact us to find out more or try out the App.


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