Ullswater Steamers new smartphone App fits directly with their strategy to offer visitors a unique experience and take advantage of today’s mobile world. Built using Rougeo, the App adds a new dimension to the Ullswater Steamers experience for visitors, helping to increase the length of time they stay, the probability they will return and providing a great talking point for recommendations.

The App gives visitors access to full audio commentary for the lake cruises (in English, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese), providing a consistent experience and helping to attract audiences from these target groups. The App provides an insight into the amazing history and landscape of this beautiful area.   It also contains walks from each of the stops on the lake, guided by the app and GPS capabilities of a visitors phone.

“The App makes life easy for visitors – they can find out about the boats, walks and railway even before they arrive. We have already had positive feedback and its ideal for our push on walking, helping people to know what to expect and make the most of their time.”
Lisa Braithwaite, Digital Marketing, Ullswater ‘Steamers’, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

The new Rougeo app is fully Ullswater Steamers branded. Content is managed by Ullswater Steamers and text, images and audio can be changed, uploaded and published at any time in a matter of minutes. Rougeo provides a new way to produce and manage Apps but one that can be live within a matter of days and is highly efficient and highly cost-effective.

“The Rougeo system is so easy to use and it enables us to update content at our own pace whenever, whatever or wherever we choose. For example we can change timetables and re-publish them within a few clicks. That’s something we either couldn’t do or would have cost us lots more with our previous bespoke developed App.”

As well as audio and walking trails within the app, Rougeo allows the Steamers the ability to target new content for specific visitor groups and the full calendar of events that run throughout the year.

“We would completely recommend the Rougeo system to anyone considering an App for their site, location or attraction. There’s so much more we can do with it. We’re already in the process of adding quizzes and promotional offers for the café but we have new languages and walks in-mind too.”

Download for iOS (click here) or Android (click here).